Witches Brew Tours-Best Haunted Tours In New Orleans

ghostIf you are visiting New Orleans and want to experience more than the average tourist highlights consider a ghost tour. New Orleans is a mecca for paranormal activity with an unlimited source of psychic mediums as well as a number of proclaimed vampires. If you are intrigued by the rich and colorful history of this old city, and are brave enough to investigate the strange occurrences and unusual events that have occurred throughout its history, then you would definitely be entertained by this paranormal tour.

Some places that this ghost tour visit may seem rather innocuous during the day, but the paranormal activity is over the top. When the sun goes down, screams and moans as well as ghostly apparitions are a normal occurrence. From slavery, to murder, suicide and other unspeakable acts in various sites have contributed to the paranormal events that trigger curiosity and even fear in the faint of heart. You may visit a haunted pub where pirates frequented as well as public buildings with an horrific history. One thing for certain is that you will be thoroughly entertained. Even the most die heart non-believer  have a little spark of doubt after this tour. If the history of New Orleans intrigues you, then ghost tours may be just the opportunity to experience a unique experience. Contact Witches Brew Ghost Tour for details.